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In need of extra cash, a young waitress participates in a paid physiological study.

Drama, thriller, horror, psychological thriller


Constance Ejuma (BLACK PANTHER)


At the end of a tipless shift at a local diner, a young black waitress, Dolores, stumbles on a flier for a paid psychological study seeking diverse participants. Upon her arrival at the research facility, Dolores undergoes an experiment that tests her pain tolerance with the use of auditory and sensorial triggers which gradually intensify. Once the test is completed, we reveal that Dolores is unknowingly being watched by an unexpected audience..


Sundance Ignite 2019 Private Screening, National Film Festival for Talented Youth Work in Progress Screening, Phoenix Film Festival, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Capital City Film Festival, CineYouth Film Festival (Presented by Chicago Int'l Film Festival)


Writer and Director: Frida Pérez

Producers: Frida Pérez and Olivia Michalak

Director of Photography: Madison McKamey

Assistant Camera: Jacquie Carriere, Amina Zadeh, KC Lauf

Camera Operator: KC Lauf

Gaffer: Adam Siler

Key Grip: Eddie Saucedo

Production Designer: Coleen Chan

Editor: Jayvee Salunga

Additional Editor: Frida Pérez

VFX: Frida Pérez

Colorist: Jenn Gittings

Composer: Patrick Mertens

Sound Design and mix: Hansdale Hsu

On set sound: Christopher Null

Script supervisor: Amelia Kuskin

Production Assistants: Emma Reardon, Christina Kohler

Associate Producer: Nick Migliori

Co-Producers: Aly Migliori, Zander Fife

Camera: Keslow Camera

Grip and electric: Cinelease

Additional Equipment: Lensprotogo

Special Thanks: El Sonsonateco, Henry Lee, Evidence Studios, Rita Baghdadi, Maeghan Houang, Alice Shindelar, Nate Burke, Leah Meyerhoff, Li Liu, Harris Durney, Aaron Izek, Zach Siegel



TRT: 6 minutes

Shot on: Arri Alexa + Angenieux Lens

Edited on: Adobe Premiere Pro